About Nutritional, Environmental and Psychological Medicine QLD


At Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Qld we take an holistic approach to your health care. We aim to address the cause of your illness / disease and to enhance your health, vitality, and well being through the following approach:


(1) Comprehensive Health and Nutritional History

(2) Environmental Toxin Exposure History

(3) Symptom screening

(4) Specific Allergy, Adrenal, Mental Health,Thyroid, Hormonal Imbalance, Heavy Metal Symptom Questionnaires

(5) Comprehensive Physical Examination

(6) Appropriate Pathology Investigations that may include: Routine blood tests; Micronutrient deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids); Environmental toxins (heavy metals, pesticides, food allergy / sensitivities, food chemicals); Functional testing of the Gut and Liver; Antioxidant Status; Salivary / Urinary / and  Blood Hormonal Levels (cortisol, oestrogen, testosterone, DHEAS, thyroid ), Organic Acid Analysis to check efficiency of metabolic pathways, Genetic testing etc


TREATMENT PLAN  that may include:

(1)   Lifestyle Advice (anti inflammatory / low stress / alkaline diet, exercise, stress management)

(2) Specific Micronutrient support (high quality toxin free oral / iv vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids,  fatty acids, accessory nutrients, and herbs) based on a careful analysis of micronutrient status

(3) Enhancement of Gut (digestion, absorption, excretion, immunity) and Liver (detoxification) functions

(4) Elimination of Chronic Infections

(5) Desensitisation of Allergies

(6) Excretion of Environmental Toxins (oral or iv chelation /detoxification)

(7) Correction of Hormonal Imbalance

(8) Support of Methylation pathways

(9) Optimisation of Oral Health (www.nddq.com.au)

(10) Healthy thinking and Behavioural change strategies.